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Torque and Angle Products


We understand the importance of having your hardware correctly tightened. By checking the torque or angle, you are able to assure the quality and the reputation of your products. We offer specialized equipment designed to measure torque and angle. We offer a wide range of mechanical as well as electronic torque measuring instruments to ensure Quality Control for production lines and assembly areas.

We can supply a full range of innovative precision Calibration Systems and Torque Measuring Devices as well as Ergonomic Tooling, Fixtures, Adapters, Material Handling Devices, and Portable Work Stations.

The Digital Torque Wrenches and Portable Torque Devices have been designed to eliminate human error of over or under torquing. With a three color LED indicator, audible Buzzer and Vibration System, the device immediately alerts the user of torque readings that are over or under the indicated target values. The DTS Digital Torque Wrench offers the best accuracy in the market within +/-1% error of the indicated value in both directions; features a 5-digit Alphanumeric or Dot Matrix LCD, easy to follow instructions and setup. The Digital Torque Wrench also has the  ability to connect to a personal computer via either bi-directional wireless communication or a LAN Ethernet network.