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Truck Wheel Alignment Systems

Heavy Duty Truck Products

Measurement of multiple axles vehicles thanks to an extremely easy-to-follow procedure.

User’s instructions by animated graphics for an immediate operation.


· Significantly higher income production through superior efficiency

· Much faster operating times without any loss of accuracy

· Simpler system to learn, less training time involved.

· The wheeled control unit houses the computer, the printer and the high-resolution monitor.

· Special supports on the side of the control unit allow housing and recharging the measuring-head batteries. Large industrial wheels for easy movement inside the workshop.


· Bluetooth Communication provides the fastest and most secure data transfer without wires, receivers, or antennas. Our communication is so stable that no back-up cables are included or needed. Operate the alignment program from any sensor head. Control panel on each head eliminates the need to walk back and forth to the console. Precision accuracy due to our CCD measuring system.


· Ability to operate the system from any head. (Often you are a distance from the console and this slows down the operating speed).


· Simpler and more modern technology (most recent design compared to major competition) grants better reliability and less down-time for the end user.


· LEDS on the head lets the operator know when adjustment angle is within specification range.

8 CCD Truck Aligner

· Bluetooth transmission between front heads and cabinet;

· Infrared transmission between sensor heads;

· Deluxe cabinet with 19" flat screen;

· Front and rear heads have extended drop-down sensor frame;

· Double inclinometer to allow caster ADJUSTMENT without steering;

· We recommend the new no run out clamps STDA92 enabling to skip run-out compensation procedure; not suitable for car wheels (minimum wheel diameter 760mm)



· 1 control unit complete with PC, monitor, keyboard, printer and battery-charger

· 2 Front measuring heads

· 2 Rear measuring heads

· 1 Brake pedal presser

· 1 Steering clamp


Model TD8060T BTH 6CCD System

Standout Features:


· Bluetooth Wireless Data Transmission

· Non run-out 3 point wheel clamps

· Deluxe cabinetry with printer drawer

· Lightweight (8 lb.) sensor heads

· Printer, 17” LCD display, keyboard

· Data files store millions of printouts

· Premium software including help images, trailer program, multi-axles, busses, coaches, and light trucks


MODEL TD5040T Hybrid Truck Aligner


Standout Features:

· Same precision CCD measuring.

· 4 camera optical system.

· Your choice of wheel clamps-non run-out or run-out type.

· Deluxe cart style cabinet.

· Two lightweight sensor heads plus two electronic targets.

· Printer, 17” LCD display, keyboard.

· Deluxe software including help images.

· Preloaded data base of vehicles plus ability to add and edit.

· Simple 4 key 1-2-3-4 operation from console or from any sensor head.


STDA30E 12”-28”


Pair of self-centering 4 point clamps with long removable claws. Moving centre crosspiece to adapt the position of the sensor to the vehicle body.

STDA48E 12”-28”


Pair of self-centering 4 point clamps, with quick locking units and metal removable conic claws.


Set of 2 non-run-out quick adapters. By referencing the wheel center which is almost perfectly accurate, we can deliver a more accurate measurement without need to raise each wheel position to perform run-out compensation This improves accuracy while saving 15-20 minutes per truck.

Each pair of clamps includes:

6 short adapters

6 long adapters

STDA29L - Ψ 476 mm (18.75”)

Set of 2 commercial turn tables. Capacity 2x4500 kg (2x10000 lbs).


Graduated scale.


Calibration kit for Truck Alignment System.

King-pin of the trailer

Right focal point

Left focal point

Right long sensor

Left long sensor


Rear focal points for STDA49, with battery charger transformer.

TD8080T BTH - BTHR represent the latest technology in Truck Wheel Alignment Systems. These new developed aligners feature state of the art components. Specific truck alignment software developed with and for Truck Wheel Alignment specialists.

· Data management and display program in WINDOWS environment.

· Data bank with vehicle data sheets already entered and further blank sheets to be filled.

· Customer data bank for recording jobs with search by customer name or vehicle plate number.

· Summary and comparison of diagnosis/repair values on a single screen.