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Super Heavy Duty Scissor Truck Lifts

RAV 745HD - 99,000 lbs - 354

RAV 745 - 99,000 lbs - 512


RAV745HD has been conceived for particularly heavy and difficult loads (HD = heavy duty). Thanks to the structure made by a scissors and a lambda, it offers the great capacity of 99,000 lbs with a platform length of 354, therefore catering for heavy vehicles with axles close to each other.


RAV745 is the ideal lift for trucks with trailer. The 99,000 lbs capacity and length of 512 enables even the lifting of trucks with full loads.

RAV 755 - 121,000 lbs - 512

RAV 755L - 121,000 lbs - 638


The RAV 755 with its 512 platform is the ideal to lift trucks with trailer. The capacity of 121,000 lbs enables the lifting of trucks with full loads and also of heavy vehicles with load on axles close to each other, therefore catering for particularly difficult lifting condition.


The RAV 755L with platform length of 638 are conceived to lift, in an easy and safe way, trucks with trailer and long busses.

Lifting Capacity 99,000 lbsLifting Capacity 121,000 lbs