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Nitrogen Tire Inflation Tank Units

Product: 120A

Application: Automotive / Light Truck / Heavy Duty


If you want to add the Purge’n Flate automatic inflation feature of the Model 475 and 675 to any of our other models, the Branick Model 100A is the answer. Connect to any nitrogen source and you’re able to inflate as many as six tires at once.


The 120A comes standard with 4 hoses & lock-on chucks and the ability to add 2 more. If the battery becomes discharged, the 120A cord can be used while plugged into an 110V outlet.


With features such as full programmability, a top-off function and pressure range up to 145psi the 120A will make your nitrogen service simple, fast and economical.


Because it’s built with the quality you've come to expect from every Branick product the 120A will be part of your shop for a long time to come.



Max. Input Pressure:                                           232 psi

Operational Temperature Range:                      -4° to 158°

Inlet Port:                                                               1/4 NPT

Dimensions:                                                           21” x 20” x 57”

Weight:                                                                   71 Pounds

Mobile:                                                                   YES

Tires inflated:                                                        1 to 6 (4-Hoses Standard)

Set Pressure Range:                                             0 psi to 145 psi

Inflator Accuracy:                                                +/- 0.3 psi

Display Increments:                                             1 psi

N2 Purges:                                                             Programmable 0 to 5

Power Supply:                                                       Rechargeable 12V DC SLA


Now you can inflate your bottom line while offering your customers all the benefits of Nitrogen just like the big boys, with the safety and security of the Get Nitrogen Institute’s Tire Hazard 150/Roadside Assistance package, all for a price that meets even the most modest budget.

Finally a product that pays for itself in Months rather than Years. Unlike equipment purchases that may take years to get a return on your investment, THE LEAN GREEN NITROGEN SYSTEM pays for itself fast. In some high volume locations, investments have been recouped in less than 30-days. Whether you’re looking to sell Nitrogen or just offer top-offs to your valued customers, this system does it all.



TSGNI-3011 Cap-Kit (Tire Hazard 150 + Roadside Assistance Plans)

(1-Year Plan - 1 required per vehicle)


Administered by Nation Safe Drivers, one of the largest suppliers of auto-related, supplemental products since 1962; with access to over 45,000 service vehicles in their network, they are quick to respond to your client's needs.


Tire Hazard 150 + Roadside Assist

Provides tire repair or, if the tire cannot be repaired, tire replacement for a flat tire caused by a covered road hazard. The plan will reimburse up to $20.00 for repair and $150 for replacement up to a maximum of $150 per year.

Towing Assistance

When towing is necessary, the covered vehicle will be towed up to 15 miles to the nearest service facility or to any location requested by the covered customer.

Flat Tire Assistance

Service consists of the replacement of a flat tire with the vehicle’s spare tire.  Towing assistance will be provided if needed.

Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service

An emergency supply of oil, fluid and water will be delivered to any covered customer in immediate need.  The customer must pay for costs of the fluids if there is one.

Fuel Delivery Service

An emergency supply of fuel will be delivered to any covered customer in immediate need.  The customer must pay for the costs of the fuel.

Lock-out Assistance

Assistance will be provided in gaining entry to a covered vehicle if the keys are lost or locked inside. 

Battery Assistance

Battery assistance (jump-start) will be provided to any covered customer in immediate need.

Collision Assistance

If a customer is involved in a collision in their covered vehicle, towing assistance will be provided when needed to direct the vehicle back to the issuing dealership if possible or to the nearest qualified repair facility.


Customer Retention Program

Here’s how the Program Works -

¨ When a customer purchases a Nitrogen conversion (or vehicle already equipped with Nitrogen), they or your staff registers their purchase online at to activate their membership.

¨ Upon registration, the customer’s Benefit Page, which includes all program and benefit information, is presented, and can be printed for the customer to retain.

¨ This registration process also:

Captures the customer’s email address and all personal & vehicle information

References it to your business, and STORES it in a secure database.

¨ This information is then used to direct state-of-the-art customer contact and marketing tools, including:

· Choice of quarterly or monthly newsletter distribution designed to give customers great tips on how to save fuel, increase safety and drive smarter, sent to your customers at no extra charge. This keeps your customers engaged and compels your customers to return to YOU for this simple but vital service.

· Your company logo added throughout the newsletters to create name recognition and remind them to return to your facility for the free top-off service. On average these customers return 4 times as often as non-program customers.

· Unlimited coupons, product and event announcements, customized by you, can be added to the newsletters to sell other products and services. You decide the service and discount your customers receive and your name goes on each coupon. These sophisticated customer contact and management tools, drive your customers back to your business more often.

NOTE: 2 and 3 year plans also available upon request.

This package provides everything you need to become a Nitrogen dealer except a cylinder of Nitrogen. It’s our most economical solution, and includes:


¨ Branick Model 120A Automatic Inflator / Converter–multiple-tire, Nitrogen conversion system. The fastest, simplest and most affordable system on the market today.


¨ Pressure Regulator Kit, including cylinder pressure regulator, feed hose and all required fittings.


¨ Four tire fill hoses with self-locking chucks.


¨ Point of Purchase Marketing Kit, including (1) Nitrogen Advertising Banner, (200) Save Fuel Cards with Holder, (300) TPMS Tri-fold Brochures (Spanish also available), (1) Tri-fold Display Stand.


¨ 50 TSGNI-3011 Cap-Kit Packages (Get Nitrogen Institute’s Tire Hazard 150 + Roadside Assistance Plan as well as the Get Nitrogen Institute’s customer retention program).


¨ 1,000 Green Plastic Caps.


¨ Listing on the Get Nitrogen Institute Website Nitrogen Locator

Model 100A.jpg

Model 120A Inflator Cart



Regulator w/Hose & Fittings


(1) GTS-04-0069

Start-Up Marketing Kit

(50) TSGNI-3011 Cap-Kit Packages


(1000) Green Plastic Valve Caps