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Portable Nitrogen Generators

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Product: 370 (PSA Nitrogen Generator)

Application: Automotive / Motorcycle


The Branick Model 370 is their most affordable nitrogen generator yet. Offering plug and play service at an economical price the system will inflate or convert up to 4 tires at once with an uninterrupted flow of 97% pure nitrogen. The UK made auto-inflator includes a large back-lit display that provides visual and audio signals for progress and completion. Just set the target pressure and number of purges, the system takes care of the rest, leaving you free to continue other service.


The easy rolling cabinet gives this system the mobility to get nitrogen where it is needed and the durable construction will stand up to the toughest shop environments.



Max Air Input Pressure:                                                          145 psi

N2 Output:                                                                               5.5 CFM

N2 Purity:                                                                                97%

Dimensions:                                                                            28” x 25” x 51”

Weight:                                                                                    299 Pounds

Mobile:                                                                                     YES

Tires Inflated:                                                                          1 to 4 (4-Hoses Included)

Inflator Accuracy:                                                                    +/- 0.5 psi


Product: 465 (PRISM Single Membrane)

Application: Automotive—Light Truck

Membrane Technology at a PSA Price!


The Branick Model 465 is the latest evolution in Nitrogen Systems for passenger car and light truck facilities. This sophisticated, yet simple system boasts a 30-gallon tank, six conversion inflator ports (four hoses supplied) that are capable of handling duallies or spares and Branick’s Block-Head Automatic Tire Inflator for quick, hands-free tire inflation. This mobile unit also comes with an industry leading 7 Year Membrane Warranty and Five Years of FREE Filters. The unit comes with a purity port to ensure complete accuracy and can be plugged into any standard outlet.


Finally Economical Membrane Nitrogen Tire Inflation!


$500.00 Factory Rebate Valid Till March 30, 2012!