The MS531-HD is a professional diagnostic tool for Harley-Davidson workshops and tuning centers. The unit comes with one of the two interfaces, (either USB or optional USB and Bluetooth) the software package and the 4 and 6-pin connectors. With the software running on a PC or laptop with USB connection and running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 or 8. Start your PC and the MS531-HD software, plug the interface into the motorcycle's diagnostic connector and you can run a complete diagnostic test or check if all on-board electronics, sensors and actuators work correctly. But there is more! Apart from these tests the MS531-HD also allows you to adjust idle speed between 800 and 1,200 rpm on models with a Delphi Fuel Injection, pair new key fobs with the on-board Security Module, and so on.

MS531-5009 USB


HD 4-Pin Cable


HD 6-Pin Cable

MS531-5008 Bluetooth + USB


Optional CAN Disarming/PWR Cable

Version-15 software is also able to flash tune the stock Electronic Control Module with your own custom built tune file or one of the tune files available from the
MS531-HD software. To make it possible to reprogram the ECM you need one MS531-Tune dongle per motorcycle. This dongle is a USB device that is capable to unlock and mate with the ECM of one motorcycle and is also used to save the original tune file of the motorcycle. To make it easier for dealers to build their own tune files we strongly recommend the optional available air/fuel ratio monitor, throttle control limiter, and lambda installation kit.

The current version of the
MS531-HD software supports all Harley-Davidson and Buell models produced up to July 2014. When you buy a MS531-HD software package you will get all 2014 software updates for Harley and Buell models that are produced up to July 2014 Free of Charge. The software package comes complete with a comprehensive instruction book and cables to connect to either SAE J-1850 or CAN bus systems. To allow for PIN read/FOB assignment on armed bikes, the MS531-4095 CAN disarming cable must be purchased separately. The MS531-HD is available with either the standard USB interface or the optional USB and Bluetooth interface.

Some of the most important features are:

 Multi-lingual: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Russian

 Global test and report (Searches for and identifies all embedded control units, reads trouble code memory, generates and prints a diagnostic report)

 Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes

 Monitor real-time data such as throttle position, temperature, O2 sensor values, etc.

 Read Identification Data (part number and VIN) from ALL modules

 Ignition module test

 EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) module test

 TSSM (Turn Signal Security Module) test (Key FOB with button)

 HFSM (Hands Free Security Module) test (Key FOB without button)

 Change TSSM and HFSM configuration, including pairing of new key fobs

 Gauge (speedometer, tachometer and instrument cluster) test

 Test fuel injectors, Throttle Position Sensors, MAP sensors, main relay, fuel pump, turn signals, lamps and more.

 ABS Module test

 ABS brake bleeding

 Radio: test, pairing & configuration

 Speedo Pairing

 Buell TPS adjustment

 Display, Graph and Print live data from various parameters including RPM, TPS, MAP and more.

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