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Heavy Duty Scissor Truck Lifts

RAV 709 - 20,000 lbs - 236 Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

RAV 713 - 28,800 lbs - 275 Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

RAV709 is the ideal version to lift big vans and trucks with full load weight of up to 20,000 lbs nowadays included in the range of many vehicle manufacturers.


RAV713, with 28,800 lbs capacity and 275 long platforms, also enables lifting of small and medium sized busses.

RAV 718 - 39,600 lbs - 315 Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

RAV 725N - 49,500 lbs - 315 Heavy Duty Scissor Lift


The platform length and the capacity of these lifts make them ideal for busses and trucks.

RAV 733 - 72,600 lbs - 354 Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

Because of its big capacity, this lift is to be preferred for particular vehicles such as tank trucks, trucks with cranes, fire vehicles and airport tractors. In fact, a capacity of 72,600 lbs not only enables lifting of heavy loads but also caters for non-favorable load distributions.

RAV 709-713-718-725N-733 can be twinned as follows:

 Synchronized, therefore with the two lift platforms working at the same height;

 Single mode, therefore with the two lifts working independently with platforms at different height.


This solution enables the lifting of particularly long vehicles but also allows, in single mode, to make the lifts work separately to service the more common vehicles, therefore granting double return on the investment.

S 720A3: Extra-long run-up ramps


Extra long ramps to drive onto the lift with very low profile vehicles.

J50 HT / J50 PHT - 11,000 lbs


Maximum pressure 250 bar Pneumatic feed pressure 6 - 10 bar (version PHT)

Weight 240 lbs

 Operated by means of hand-pump (HT) or air-hydraulic pump (PHT)

 Great lifting height

KP702N - 29,700 lbs

Twin-piston air-hydraulic wheel-free jack

Maximum pressure150 bar Pneumatic feed pressure 6 - 10 bar.

Weight 572 lbs

 Operated by air-hydraulic pump

 Translation device on elastic rollers

 Large support base with pneumatically - operated telescopic arms

RAV718P - 39,600 lbs - 315

RAV725NP - 49,500 lbs - 315

RAV733P - 72,600 lbs - 354

Lifts with recess in the front of the platforms to house:

 hydraulic play detector (S718PA2)

 turning plates for wheel alignment (S718PA3)

The lift can also be supplied with both accessories (S718PA1): the turning plates are positioned on top of the play detector plates, at the same level as the platforms, to carry out wheel alignment; the turning plates are then blocked when the play detector is in use.



The equipment generates a combined alternate transverse/longitudinal stress on the wheels and, therefore, on the components of the steering and suspension systems, allowing a visual check of any defects (clearance of the spherical couplings, silent block, damper attachment, etc.)

 Electro-hydraulic operation.

Direction: diagonal at 45 with respect to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle.

Sense: opposite.

 Plate with ribbed surface to prevent wheel slip.

 Max load per axle: 29,700 lbs

 Max testing force: 11,000 lbs