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Automotive Wheel Alignment Systems

Ravaglioli TD4400 – AUTODRIVE Automotive Wheel Alignment System

3 different program tests are available, to satisfy the different needs of the customers:


· Direct angles


· Direct angles + "quick caster"


· Direct angles + in direct angles (caster, kingpin)


The following further tests can be added:


·  Ackermann


· Maximum steering


· Frame diagnosis


· Toe and caster adjustment with steered wheels




· The system does not present functional limits deriving from room lightning and shape or condition of the target/vehicle.


· Special software checks and updates calibration at every single start of the test.




· The motorized AUTODRIVE measuring heads, installed on the lift, run in a guide along the platforms.


· When not in use, the heads position themselves at the far end of the platforms, to facilitate the placement of the targets on the wheels.


·  Simultaneously, a self-checking procedure is starter to constantly grant the utmost measuring precision.


· The data transmission between lift and console is performed by "Bluetooth" technology.




· The targets installed on the wheels do not include any electronic components to avoid any problems if the targets are dropped.


· Each target is recognized by means of a bar code, thus allowing installation on any wheel.




· The wheel clamps supplied with AUTODRIVE are patented and enable the installation of the target on the wheel in a safe and quick way.




· The run-out compensation can be avoided thanks to the way the targets are installed and to their self-calibration.


· The run-out compensation can however be done either "by pushing" or with "free wheels", according to the car manufacturer prescriptions.




· The software is developed with ".NET" technology on Windows Vista.


· 3D graphics and data bank with over 60,000 vehicles.




· Console with PC, 19" TFT monitor, keyboard, B/W laser printer.

Work-Station for the Automatic Measurement of the Wheel Angles of a Vehicle


A perfect quadrilateral is built around the vehicle.


The measuring heads initially positioned in the corners of said quadrilateral move automatically to the front of the wheel targets, when the system is started.

After about 7 seconds, the front and rear direct angles are measured and visualized, such as: toe-in, toe-out, camber and thrust angle.


An innovative system of sensors automatically insures the longitudinal and transversal leveling of the lift at any working height.


As many as 8 measurements per second with accuracy of 0,005° (five thousands of a degree) allow the most accurate and quickest adjustment of the vehicle.

 Ravaglioli TD2200WS Bluetooth Wheel Aligner


Wireless data transfer using state of the art Bluetooth technology for speed and reliability. Eight CCD optics deliver additional collision angles helpful during diagnosis of chassis. System is highly mobile and can be positioned anywhere in the workshop. Patented non-run-out Fast Clamps provide the ultimate in accuracy, speed, and versatility. Guarantee of precision accuracy furnished by Ravaglioli.


· Fast Operating - One of the world’s fastest aligners with complete measurements in 3 minutes.


· Fast Clamps - The industry’s best wheel clamp is more precise, easier to install and more versatile.


· Run-out compensation eliminated - This time consuming procedure is no longer necessary.


· Simple operation - Only 4 keys/commands to control entire program. No computer skills needed.


· Premium alignment software - Crisply professional program managed by Windows XP Pro.


· 3-D animated adjustment graphics - Guides operator thru the alignment process surely and quickly.


· Movie Program - Hundreds of adjustment illustrations and video to inform the operator about the chassis.


· Huge vehicle data base - 90,000 vehicles contained in vehicle data bank.


· Quick select- Vehicle entry by make, model or by keying in portion of VIN.


· Innovative Sensors - Lightweight but durable sensor heads using 8- CCD infra red technology.


· Four Remote Controls - Each sensor head is a remote control-eliminate extra steps.


· Quick Diagnosis - Collision angles including wheel base, offset, and set back measurements.


· Spoiler Program - Allows the system to function if one or both ends of the vehicle has a blocked beam.


· Calibration Check - system monitors its calibration status and warns the operator when tolerance has been exceeded.


· EZ Calibration - With optional calibration hardware a complete system calibration can be performed in 15 minutes.


· EZ Program and Specification Updates - Upgrades can be quickly done via internet connection or by USB key.