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Industrial Air Compressors

Atlas Copco KT Series
Splash Lubricated Piston Air Compressors

Horizontal and Vertical Mounted Two Stage

Whether you choose a vertical or horizontal model, you get an air compressor with exceptional reliability and minimum maintenance. Highly efficient and easily accessible air filter for “clean” operation and longer lifetime.

· Two stage, slow speed piston air compressor pump unit with finned cylinder and built in after-cooler for cooler running, high efficiency and extended reliability.

· Single and three phase motors to suit every supply voltage.

· Standard magnetic starters on every HP size ensuring motor is adequately protected and starting is easy.

· Large multi blade flywheel with fully enclosed PVC coated wire belt guard ensuring low noise and superior cooling of the air compressor pump.

· 60/80/120/200 gallon ASME approved tanks.

· Start-stop pressure switch control.

· Standard two year bumper to bumper warranty.

Duplex Horizontal Mounted Two Stage  Air Compressors

Built with two air compressor pumps and a highly efficient lead-lag control system, this compressor will meet your extra air demand and double the lifetime of your compressed air system - giving you unmatched energy savings while decreasing your energy costs.

· Twin mounted air compressor set for efficient lead – lag control.

· Includes dual pressure switches and alternator.

· Running hours are balanced for equal lifetime.

· Both can operate when needed to give maximum output at 20hp.

· Single phase is available for up to 15 HP.

· Start-stop pressure switch control.

· Standard two year bumper to bumper warranty.

Gas Driven Tank Mounted Air Compressor from Atlas Copco

Powered by fuel efficient, reliable and long lasting gas engines manufactured by Honda and Koehler, the KT Gas Driven Compressor is handy for a variety of outdoor and mobile applications. A pilot control valve is included on all models to reduce engine speed at low demand, producing less noise and extending the lifetime of the engine.

· Standard 12 volt electric and recoil start.

· Includes 12 volt alternator on Honda engines.

· Engine oil monitor.

· Includes 30 gallon movable tank as standard.

· Pilot valve control to reduce engine speed on low demand.

· Fully enclosed belt guard and ASME safety valves.

· Standard two year bumper to bumper warranty.

Packaged Horizontal and Vertical Mounted Two Stage Air Compressors